How to maintain healthy chilli nursery

A major Problem:- Damping off

  1. In the nursery the disease may appear in patches, Seedlings die due to this disease before or after emergence.
  2. If we carefully dig down into the soil, you will find seeds that have become soft and mushy which will start to disintegrate.
  3. The stem of young seedlings showing water soaking lesions, brownish color and shriveling of the stem which fall over and die.
  4. Optimal conditions for the development of the disease are:- Poor drainage, High relative humidity (90-100%) and higher soil temperature (20-28 °C)  


  • Provide light, but frequent irrigation with better drainage.
  • Thiophanate methyl applies on soil 0.5 gm/square meter at the time of nursery bed preparation.
  • Second Spray at 20 DAS:- Metalaxyl-M ( Mefanoxam ) 4% + Mancozeb 64% WP 500 gm/acre.

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