Nutrient management of Tomato

  • Tomato needs a heavy dose of fertilizers for a good yield.
  • Farmyard manure @ 8-10 tonnes/Acre may be incorporated into the soil one month before transplanting.
  • DAP 50 kg/Acre, Urea 80 kg/Acre and MOP 33 kg/Acre.
  • Full amount of DAP, MOP and half of Urea are to be added just before transplanting.
  • Rest of the Urea is to be given as a second dose at 20-25 days after transplanting, and third dose is given at 45-60 days after transplanting.
  • Zinc sulphate application (Znso4@10 kg/Acre) and Boron 4 Kg/Acre increases yield as well as improves the quality of fruit.

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