Control of anthracnose in cowpea

  • Leaves, stems and pods of cowpea are susceptible to infection.
  • Small reddish-brown, slightly sunken spots form on the pods and rapidly develop into large, dark-sunken lesion.
  • In moist weather, masses of pink spores develop on these lessons.
  • Infection of the leaves causes blacking along the veins particularly on the under surface.
  • Use disease free certified seed.
  • Do not grow cowpea for at least two years in the same land that has carried on infected crop.
  • Remove and destroy the disease infected cowpea plants to check the spread of disease.
  • Treat the seeds with carboxin 37.5 +thiram 37.5% @ 2.5 gm / kg seed.
  • Weekly spray with mancozeb 75% WP@ 400-600/acre.

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