Powdery Mildew of Pea


  • Firstly on old leaves and then other parts.
  • Formation of powder on both surfaces of leaves.
  • The later formation of powdery spots on tendrils, pods, etc. White power on the plant surface. The fruits do not either set or remain very small.
  • Later stage, powdery growth also covers the pod making them not suitable for marketing.


  • Avoid late sowing.
  • Use resistant varieties like- Arka Ajit, PSM-5, Jawahar Pea- 4 JP-83, JRS-14,
  • Foliar spray of wettable sulfur 50% WP @ 3 gm/liter of water or Dinocap 48% EC 2 ml/liter of water three times at 10 days interval.

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