How to improve production by improving soil health

To increase the production by  50%, we should take three important measures in the soil

  • Increasing the amount of nutrients in the soil.
  • Improve the physical condition of the soil.
  • Maintaining the balance of pH in the soil.
  1. To increase the amount of nutrients in the soil
  • After harvesting the previous crop, the crop residues should not be destroyed by fire.
  • After harvesting, cultivate the farm twice, so that the crop residues dissolve and provide nutrients to the plants.
  • Apply FYM @ 10 t/acre OR Vermicompost 2.5 t /acre + SSP @100 kg apply at the time of ploughing in the field.
  • Apply (1 kg of micronutrients + PSB 2 kg + KMB 2 kg + NFB 2 kg + ZnSB 4 kg + Trichoderma 2 kg) per acre on sowing time.

2. To improve the physical condition of the soil –

  • If the farmer having an adequate amount of water plough the field after harvesting and mix speedkampost @ 4kg/acre, after mixing provide one irrigation.
  • In 15-20 days, crop residues with the help of Speed ​kampost disintegrate well and improve soil structure.
  • 3For the pH balance of soil –
  • To control the soil pH, slow-release nutrients should be used.
  • Fertilizers should be used in a balanced amount of more Acid and Base content.
  • The soil pH rage maintains between 6.0 to 7.0 for good production of crops.
  • For the improvement of acidic soil, the amount of calcium carbonate should be applied according to the soil test report.
  • For the improvement of alkaline soil, gypsum should be applied according to the soil test report.

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