Sowing time, Planting and Seed Rate of Garlic

  • Cloves are sown in September-November in central India.
  • The selection of cloves is important for garlic planting.
  • Individual cloves from seed garlic bulbs should be separated but not long before planting.
  • Twist off the outer skins and take the cloves apart without breaking the basal plate of the cloves, as that makes them unusable for planting.
  • With hardneck garlic, the remainder of the stem acts as a handy lever for separating the cloves.
  • Big cloves (>1.5g) should be selected for planting. Small, diseased and damaged cloves should be rejected.
  • The seed rate for garlic is 160-200 kg/acre.
  • Selected cloves should be planted vertically 2 cm below the soil surface with the plant to plant spacing of 10 cm and row to row spacing of 15 cm.

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