Sowing and sowing time of Chickpea (Gram)

  • In Unirrigated areas, sowing of gram should be done in the first fortnight of October.
  • In areas where irrigation facility is available, sowing should be done by 30th October.
  • To get more yield from the crop it is very necessary to have proper number of plants per unit in the field.
  • For proper number of plants, the seed rate and the proper distance of the plant from the row and the plant have an important role.
  • 80 kg for dry farming And for irrigated area 60 kg The amount of seed is adequate per hectare.
  • The depth of seed for the dry land crop is 7 to 10 cm. For the irrigated area, sowing of seeds should be done in depth from 5 to 7 cm depth. Line to line distance 45 to 50 Cm should be kept on.

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