Seed rate, sowing time and sowing method of Soybean

Seed rate, sowing time and sowing method of Soybean:-  

Seed Rate:- According to the size of the seeds of different varieties, the seed rate of normal germination capacity should be used as follows:- (1) Small grain size varieties 28 Kg/ Acre. (2) Medium grain size varieties 30-32 Kg/ Acre (3) Big grain size varieties 36 kg/ Acre.

Sowing time:- The best time of sowing is from the first week of June 20 to July, when the rainfall is approximately 3-4 inches, the sowing should start. Short duration varieties should be used in late sowing conditions.

Sowing Method:- Soybean sown should be done in line. Sown the seeds at a depth of 3 – 5 cm adopting a spacing of 45 x 5 cm.


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Sowing and sowing time of Chickpea (Gram)

  • In Unirrigated areas, sowing of gram should be done in the first fortnight of October.
  • In areas where irrigation facility is available, sowing should be done by 30th October.
  • To get more yield from the crop it is very necessary to have proper number of plants per unit in the field.
  • For proper number of plants, the seed rate and the proper distance of the plant from the row and the plant have an important role.
  • 80 kg for dry farming And for irrigated area 60 kg The amount of seed is adequate per hectare.
  • The depth of seed for the dry land crop is 7 to 10 cm. For the irrigated area, sowing of seeds should be done in depth from 5 to 7 cm depth. Line to line distance 45 to 50 Cm should be kept on.

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Pea seed rate and sowing

Pea seed rate and sowing: – Seed rate: – For Early – 100 to 120 kg of seeds should be used per hectare . For mid and late 80-90 kg seeds should be used per hectare. Seed treatment: The seeds treated with rhizobium culture add more yield of peas and land fertility strength is also increased. Before sowing, the seed should be purified by the rate of 2.5 gm of Carbendazim 50% per kg seed. Sowing time: – It is sown between October to November.