How to Save 20-25% of Nitrogen Fertilizer

Azotobacter free-living nitrogen fixation aerobic bacteria.

  • It stabilizes atmospheric nitrogen into soil.
  • Using of this bacteria, the requirement of Nitrogen Fertilizer (Urea) decreases up to 20-25 %.
  • It secretes various types of vitamins and gibberellins in the roots of plants, which increases the accumulation of seeds (germination) and good growth of roots and the capacity of absorbing micro-nutrients and water in plants.
  • Seed Treatment :- Azotobacter (CFU 1 X108 ):- 4-5 ml/kg seed.
  • Soil Application:- one liter of Azotobacter (CFU 1 X108 ) mixed with 40-50 kg well-decomposed FYM/Vermicompost and broadcast in soil or can broadcast 45 DAS in soil.
  • Drip Irrigation:- one liter of Azotobacter (CFU 1 X108 ) mixed with 100 ltr water and apply within drip.

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