How to protect our crops from White Grubs

White Grub management is a challenge for farmers, a severe attack has the potential of damaging 80 to 100% of the crop. A minuscule count of 2 to 14 grubs is enough to damage 64.7% of the crop.

Life cycle:-

1. After the lash of first rains, adult white grub comes out of the pupa stage and for the next month, it starts laying eggs 8 inches below soil level.

2. Next 3-4 weeks the gestation period sets in and the eggs grow to form larvae.

3. This larvae stage is most damaging for the crop as the larvae feed on the nutrients available in soil and crop for the next 4 to 5 months and just before the onset of incremental temperatures they once again attain the pupa stage.

White grubs management:-How to control

Chemical control:- Soil application of fenpropathrin 10% EC 10% EC @ 500ml per acre, fipronil 40 + imidacloprid 40% WG   @100 Gm/acre OR chlorpyrifos 20% EC @ 500 ml/acre.

Biological control:-  Apply Matarizum spp. @ 1kg/acre and Beauveria+Matarizum spp. @ 2kg/acre. Fungal formulation along with  first dose of fertilizers.

Mechanical control:- Use a light trap.

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