Management of Root Knot Nematodes in Tomato

Root Knot Nematode in Tomato:-


  • The nematode attacks the roots and produces tiny galls.
  • The infested plants show symptoms of withering and wilting of leaves.
  • The block the movement of nutrients and water in the plant system and subjected to wilt and finally leads to death.
  • Growth of the plant is stunted fruiting capacity adversely affected.
  • Yellow of the foliage and wilting of the upper leaves occurs.


  • Use resistant varieties.
  • Do use deep summer ploughing to control root-knot nematode.
  • Neem cake at the rate 80 Kg/Acre should be applied for effective control.
  • Carbofuran 3G at the rate 8 kg/acre should be applied as soil treatment.
  • Paecilomyces lilacinus-1% WP @ 10 g / kg seed for seed treatment, 50 gm / meter sq Nursery Treatment, 2.5 to 5 kg/ Hectare Soil application.

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