How to get more fruits with every picking in okra

  • To take more picking in Bhindi crop 2 weeks before sowing, mix the FYM in the field equal to 10 tons/acre in the field, thereby increasing the absorbing capacity of the nutrients in the plant.
  • At the time of sowing, mix nitrogen fixing and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria with fertilizers in the field at the rate of 2 kg/acre.
  • Give the quantity of nitrogen (60-80 kg per acre) at the time of sowing and half quantity remaining 30 days after sowing, thereby increasing the number of fruits per branch per vinegar and it can be increased by 50% production.
  • Approximately 40 to 50 days after the sowing of the okra starts to give fruits.
  • Before the first picking, gives calcium nitrate + boron @ 10 kg/acre, 10 kg magnesium sulphate 10 kg/acre + Urea @ 25 kg/acre with Nitrogen Fixation and Phosphorus Solublizing bacteria @ 1kg/acre.
  • During flowering in okra give Ammonium sulfate at the rate of 55-70 kg/acre, it is important for the development of the fruits.

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