Yellowing leaves may cause more damage in Brinjal

    • Brinjal is one of the most widely grown vegetables in the world including India.
    • Yellowing on the leaves of brinjal may indicate a more serious problem.
    • Yellowing in the leaves can be due to various reasons such as insect (spider, bug, and juice insect), diseases (wilt and viral-borne disease) and deficiency of nitrogen, etc. Due to yellowing in plants, the yield is less and consequently, there is an economic loss.
    • To increase the availability of nitrogen, mix nitrogen fixation and phosphorus-soluble bacteria with nitrogen fertilizers in the field @ 2 kg/acre.
    • To protect the brinjal crop from insect problem, can spray propergite 50% EC @ 400 ml (for spider) and Dichlorvos 76% EC @ 300 ml (for lace bug) per acre.
    • To prevent yellowing from diseases, spray carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP @ 200 gram and streptocycline at 20 gram/acre, and control the disease spreading insects.

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