Lesser grain borer control in wheat

  • Before storage, the grains should be properly dried.
  • The storehouses should be well ventilated and “pucca” cement concrete or brick made storehouses are recommended.
  • Maintenance of adequate free space (2-2 ft.) between stacks.
  • Stacks should be well separated from the wall and ceiling.
  • Time to time aeration of the storehouse reduces the moisture content and prevents the lesser grain borer growth.
  • Damp and wet bags should not be used for storing grains.
  • Grains should be frequently inspected at least once a month during dry season and once a fortnight during rainy season.
  • The damp and moist grains should be disposed off at earliest or should be removed from the store house to be dried in the sun.
  • Malathion spray @ 100 mg/square meter is a better choice.
  • Treating infested grain with dichlorvos @ 0.5 gm/square meter
  • Mix 10 gram of deltamethrin per liter of water spray in storage house.
  • Pesticides are poisons so it is essential to follow all safety precaution on labels.

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