Management of Yellow Mosaic Disease in Okra/Bhindi

Yellow Mosaic Disease in Okra/Bhindi:-

  • This is the most important and destructive viral disease in bhindi.
  • The disease infects at all the stages of crop growth and severely reduces growth and yield.
  • The disease is transmitted by whitefly.
  • The characteristic symptoms of the disease are a homogenous interwoven network of yellow veins enclosing islands of green tissues.
  • Initially, infected leaves exhibit only yellow coloured veins but in the later stages, the entire leaf turns completely yellow.
  • The fruits of the infected plants exhibit pale yellow colour, deformed, small and tough in texture.


  • Remove and destroy disease-affected leaves/plants from crop fields to avoid secondary spread.
  • Parbhani Kranti, Janardhan, Haritha, Arka Anamika and Arka Abhay can tolerate yellow vein mosaic.
  • Do not use high fertilizer during plant growth.
  • Do not roted okra with other hosts of virus.
  • If possible, choose early planting to the controlling of yellow mosaic virus disease.
  • Keep sanitation while using any tools that are using in crop.
  • Use 4-5 sticky trap/acre to the controlling of whitefly infestation.
  • Spray imidacloprid 17.8% SL 80 ml/acre for the controlling of whitefly.
  • Spray dimethoate 30% EC 250 ml/acre of water.

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