Why & how to apply FYM in soil?

  • Most of the arable lands across the country show low levels of organic carbon with deficiencies ranging from 11% to 76%.

  • FYM is a good source of organic carbon.

  • Soil organic carbon is the key factor of the soil fertility by releasing the nutrients for plant growth, promotes structure physical and biological health of the soil.
  • Farmyard manure is organic matter used as fertilizer in agriculture. Manures improve the fertility of adding organic matter and lots of nutrients, On an average well composted farmyard manure contains 0.5% N, 0.2 % P2O5and 0.5 % K2O.
  • They supply plant nutrients including micronutrients and increase their availability.
  • They improve soil physical properties like Water holding capacity, Porosity etc.
  • The nutrients are lost due to leaching by rainwater so 8 -10 Tones /acre well-rotted farmyard manure (FYM) should be spread uniformly on the unploughed soil.Like and share with other farmers by clicking on button below.


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