Popular varieties of chilies preferred by farmers of Madhya Pradesh

Farmers start nursery preparation for chilly in Nimar region from 3rd week of April. 5-7 days before from sowing are an important time for selection of variety. Selection of the right variety is a key factor for yield improvement. Right variety depends upon our farming purpose. So we are telling here some unique characteristics for popular varieties.

For green chili production

  • Nanditha (Nunhems)
  • HPH -12 (Syngenta)
  • Ujala (Nunhems)
  • MHCP 310 – Teja  (Mahyco)

For red chili production.

  • Sonal (Rasi Seeds )
  • US 720  (Nunhems)
  • US 611 (Nunhems)
  • HPH-12 (Syngenta)

For tolerant to virus infection

  • HPH-12 (Syngenta)
  • Sonal (Rasi Seeds)
  • Pride (Rasi Seeds)
  • Nanditha (Nunhems)

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