Signs of Boron deficiency in the crop and ways to prevent it

  • Symptoms are variable, depending on the crop and the growing conditions, but generally, they are visible first on new leaves.
  • The first sign is usually the discoloration and thickening of young leaves.
  • At greater severity, the deficiency causes necrosis of the growing points.
  • Boron deficiency is usually observed in soils with a high pH because in these conditions this element is in a chemical form that is not available for the plant.
  • Soils with low organic matter content (<1.5%) or sandy soils (prone to nutrient leaching) are also susceptible to boron deficiency.
  • Preventive Measures for boron deficiency.
  • Avoid soils with high pH.
  • Avoid high air humidity and low soil moisture. Do not over-fertilize or lime the soils.
  • Avoid over-watering of the crops.
  • Regular testing of soil and keep the full details of the level of nutrients in your area.

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Boron deficiency in tomato

  • These boron-deficient leaves show light general chlorosis.
  • These deficiency symptoms are similar to those caused by calcium deficiency.
  • The leaves are unusually brittle and tend to break easily.
  • Also, there is often a wilting of the younger leaves even under an adequate water supply, pointing to a disruption of water transport caused by boron deficiency.
  • Correction measure: Foliar spray of boron 20% EDTA @ 200 gm/acre.

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Nitrogen deficiency in Cotton

Nitrogen deficiency in Cotton:-  

A pale yellowish green colour, coupled with reduction in leaf size is the most striking symptom of nitrogen deficiency in cotton. Eventually, the cells become disorganised accompanied by development of red pigments called anthocyanins. Nitrogen deficient plant is also characterized with little vegetative growth, lack of vigour coupled with stunted growth.

Control:- Spray 19:19:19 @ 100 gm per pump.

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