Land Preparation for Watermelon Cultivation

  • Watermelons can grow in many kinds of soil but prefer a light, sandy, fertile loam that drains easily.
  • Add generous amounts of manure, compost and leaves to your field and work the soil well prior to planting.
  • Fields should be prepared thoroughly by plowing and harrowing and removing the different types of plant debris.
  • A gentle, south-facing slope is ideal.
  • It should also be pulverized and leveled; furrows are made 2 m apart.

Field preparation of Potato crop

Fertilizer at the time of field preparation

  • SSP @ 80 kg/acre.
  • DAP @ 40 kg/acre.
  • Urea @ 20 Kg/acre.
  • Potash @ 50 kg/acre.

At the time of sowing

  • Sea weed @ 8 kg/ acre.
  • Sulphur 90 %WDG (Cosawet) 5 kg/acre.
  • Fipronil GR  (Fax Gr/Harina gr) @ 8 kg/acre.
  • Consertia of NPK Bacteria @ 3-4 kg/ acre.
  • ZnSB @ 4 kg/acre.


Spacing for Cauliflower

  • The planting distance may vary according to variety early, mid and late.
  • planting seasons (Rabi, Kharif, and Zaid ) and soil conditions (light, medium and heavy).
  • The following distances are generally recommended on the basis of the maturity of varieties.
  • For early varieties:- 45 X 45 cm.
  • For mid  varieties:- 60 X 40 cm.
  • For late  varieties:- 60 X 60 cm. or 60 X45 cm.

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Field Preparation for Cauliflower

  • 1 to 2 corrosive plowing by a soil turning plow followed by 3 to 4 plowing with desi plow is enough for it.
  • Well, rotten compost or farmyard manure is mixed in soil at the time of plowing.
  • If the soil is infested with nematodes Carbofuran @ 10 kg/Acre.
  • Ridges and furrow type of layout is used for the crop.

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Soybean Field preparation

  • For Better Seed Germination, Soil should be well Pulverized and ploughed.
  • Deep summer ploughing once in 2-3 years or one normal summer ploughing followed by 2-3 cross harrowing are suitable for the soybean crop.
  • If the moisture content is less in the soil, with pre-sowing irrigation add 4 kg of speed compost per acre to the field and prepare it for sowing, in the last, Level the farm through leveler.

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