Signs of Boron deficiency in the crop and ways to prevent it

  • Symptoms are variable, depending on the crop and the growing conditions, but generally, they are visible first on new leaves.
  • The first sign is usually the discoloration and thickening of young leaves.
  • At greater severity, the deficiency causes necrosis of the growing points.
  • Boron deficiency is usually observed in soils with a high pH because in these conditions this element is in a chemical form that is not available for the plant.
  • Soils with low organic matter content (<1.5%) or sandy soils (prone to nutrient leaching) are also susceptible to boron deficiency.
  • Preventive Measures for boron deficiency.
  • Avoid soils with high pH.
  • Avoid high air humidity and low soil moisture. Do not over-fertilize or lime the soils.
  • Avoid over-watering of the crops.
  • Regular testing of soil and keep the full details of the level of nutrients in your area.

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