Use of wheat and gram sawdust/straw

  • Sawdust is the important crop material to use in compost, mulches, growers of small fruit, nursery preparation and soil conditioner.
  • Wheat straw is a suitable material for mushroom production.
  • Wheat straw (Bhusa) in the manger either goes to the manure pit to make farmyard manure or it is mixed it with dung to make dung cakes.
  • For drying and curing, space heating & heating chicken brooders in the Agriculture industry.
  • Wheat straw is also used in animal feeding.

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Disadvantages of burning Sawdust/Chaff/Straw

  • Open burning chaff as a method of disposal is worrisome as a result of the associated air pollutants and their effects on air quality and public health.
  • This also adversely affects the nutrient budget and beneficial microorganism in the soil.
  • Burning creates severe air pollution on and off farms. People are affected by smoke and polluted air in farming areas and hundreds of kilometers away from farms.
  • lose of essential moisture in field, Continuous burning of rice straw will lead to severe degradation of the soil in farmers’ fields.
  • Straw burning releases CO2 — a greenhouse gas — that will aggravate global warming and climate change.
  • Risk of fires spreading out of control.

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