Some important variety of watermelon


S.N. Variety Name Fruit Shape Fruit size




Fruit colour
1. Sager king Oval  3-5  60 – 70 Dark black skin and red flush 
2. Sager king plus Oval  3-5  60 – 70 Dark black skin and red flush 
2. Kajal  Oval 3- 3.5 60 – 70 dark green with pink flesh
4. 2208 Oval 2-4 70 – 80 Dark black skin and red flush

High yielding moong varieties in summer

  • Virat, Samrat, Khargone 1, Krishna 11, Jawahar 45, Kopargaon, Mohini (S-8), PS 16, Pusa 105, ML 337,Type 1, Type 4, Type 51, K851, Pusa Baisakhi, PS 10, PS 7, Pant Moong 2, Pant Moong3, ML 267, Pusa 105, ML337, PDM 54, Pant Moong 1, HUM-1, RUM-12, BM-4, PDM-54, JM-72, K-851, PDM-11.

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Popular varieties of chilies preferred by farmers of Madhya Pradesh

Farmers start nursery preparation for chilly in Nimar region from 3rd week of April. 5-7 days before from sowing are an important time for selection of variety. Selection of the right variety is a key factor for yield improvement. Right variety depends upon our farming purpose. So we are telling here some unique characteristics for popular varieties.

For green chili production

  • Nanditha (Nunhems)
  • HPH -12 (Syngenta)
  • Ujala (Nunhems)
  • MHCP 310 – Teja  (Mahyco)

For red chili production.

  • Sonal (Rasi Seeds )
  • US 720  (Nunhems)
  • US 611 (Nunhems)
  • HPH-12 (Syngenta)

For tolerant to virus infection

  • HPH-12 (Syngenta)
  • Sonal (Rasi Seeds)
  • Pride (Rasi Seeds)
  • Nanditha (Nunhems)

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Improved Varieties of Soybean and their selection

Improved Varieties of Soybean:- Varieties should be selected according to the agro climatic zone. In the light land and rain-fed areas where average rainfall is between 600 to 750 mm. There should be early duration (90-95 days) variety. Medium type loamy land and 750 to 1000 mm in areas with moderate rainfall, in the medium-duration varieties should be used to mature in 100 to 105 days. Late varieties should be sown in areas with excess rainfall from 1250 mm and heavy land. It should be noted that the seed germination capacity is more than 70 percent and the number of plants for the good harvest in the field should be 40 plants per square meter, only the suitable varieties of seed should be selected.

Improved varieties of soybean suitable for Madhya Pradesh.


S. Name of Variety Duration in Days Yield per Hectare
1. JS-9560 82-88 18-20
2. JS-9305 90-95 20-25
3. NRC-7 90-99 25-35
4. NRC-37 99-105 30-40
5. JS-335 98-102 25-30
6. JS-9752 95-100 20-25
7. JS-2029 93-96 22-24
8. RVS-2001-4 92-95 20-25
9. JS-2069 93-98 22-27
10. JS-2034 86-88 20-25


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Criteria of Selection of Cotton Variety

Criteria of Selection of Cotton Variety:-

  • Resistance:- Most Cotton produced in India has been genetically engineered to have an insect control package.
  • Yield Stability:- Yield stability is the ability of a variety to perform well across various environments.
  • Maturity:- Maturity is an indication of how long it will take from planting until harvest for a variety. cotton variety maturity is often classified as early, medium, late or full season.
  • Fiber Quality:-The price a grower receives can be positively or negatively affected by fiber quality. fiber quality is fiber length, strength and uniformity are heavily influenced by genetics and to a much lesser extent by environment.
  • Available Water:- When selecting a variety, it should be kept in mind that we have the water system and how we should like the kind of irrigated, semi-cultured and rain-based Variety.

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